December 4–10: Time to explore sensuality to the depth

🫦 Monday. Venus moves into Scorpio: we try on a noir style and ramp up sensuality to the limit.

❤️ The first half of the week: the Talent Triangle of Venus, Mercury, and Saturn persists. We wrote about it last week. It’s a good time to feel the depth of your feelings and grasp the subtle meaning of social interactions. Rely on the qualities of humility, depth, and responsibility. The exact aspect is on Wednesday.

😈 In the second half of the week, another pattern forms in the sky with Venus and Mercury: Jupiter’s Trine to Mercury and Jupiter’s opposition to Venus. There may be manifestations of jealousy and an intensified sense of self-importance. Harmonise them with a cold mind and clear communication. Contradictions between our desires for sensual pleasure and the real possibilities of obtaining it may become more pronounced. The exact trine between Jupiter and Mercury is on Friday. The opposition between Jupiter and Venus is on Sunday.

On Wednesday, Neptune turns direct. Throughout the week, sensitive people may experience heightened emotions, vivid dreams, creative inspiration, or a desire to get drunk.

🪄 On Friday, the Trine of Chiron to the Sun presents an opportunity to find a way out of dead-ends or to materialise a miracle through one’s will and power of intention. The key is not to do this with a serious face. Humour is the basic quality of the Universe. This aspect is active throughout the week.

🤪 At the end of the week, Mercury begins to slow down significantly – the retrograde period starts to be felt.