December 18–24: Yule – one of the most magical times of the year

🧠 On Monday, Mercury Retrograde makes another trine with Jupiter + we can feel a sextile with Saturn. Despite being retrograde, it’s a good time for mental activities, especially of a retrospective nature: summarising and finishing long-started materials. These aspects last until the end of the week. The exact sextile with Saturn is on Thursday.

👁️ Until Thursday, the square of the Sun to Neptune continues. On Tuesday, the Moon forms a conjunction with Neptune: heightened emotionality and sensitivity (especially considering Venus’ opposition to Uranus). Hidden processes that began in the second half of last week may surface and become evident.

👿 Throughout the week: Venus in opposition to Uranus. Something grand invades our sensual realm and disrupts usual patterns. It may manifest as strong irrational resentment, increased sensitivity, and a desire to cause a scene. The aspect concerns social interactions, financial matters, or established beliefs and positions. The exact aspect is on Thursday, but at the same time, the harmonious trine to Neptune starts to be felt. Seek support in compassion and a higher perception of what is happening.

🔮 On Friday, the Sun meets Mercury: the Sun moves forward into Capricorn, and Mercury moves back into Sagittarius. It’s the day of the winter solstice, marking the start of Yule – one of the most magical times of the year. Until early January, the boundary between the Subtle and the Material worlds thins. It’s a time for rituals and magic. The Sun makes a sextile to Saturn: in your magical practice pay attention to details, patience and wisdom.